About us


The company is located close to Brussels, Walloon Brabant and Flemish Brabant. That's why they cover all three regional regulations, got the relevant accreditations and work on energy-related assignments for new or to be renovated buildings. The founders of ENERGY BUILDINGS are 

  • Ir. Olivier De Schrevel, Civil Engineer UCL 1977, Coastal Engineer Perth 1979, Telematics & Organisation ULB 1998
  • Charlotte Rolin, master sciences UCL 1978, biotechnology ULB 1989

Their competences are described in Accreditation. There are four energy experts working full time in the company and there are additional experts involved for specific projects according to the required expertise. The company is member of

  • Belgium Buildings Research Institute CSTC WTCB
  • Belgian and Regional Contractors Associations
  • Belgian & Regional Engineers Federations FABI KVIV
  • Passive House Platform PMP
  • Regional clubs of energy experts
  • Round table on renewable energy
  • Cluster ECOBUILD Eco-Construction Brussels & DuWoBo Durable Housing

The company registration number is 0809.182.413 and the VAT number is BE0809.182.413
The company was set up in January 2009.
Eco-cheques and Eco Pass are accepted